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Episode #201 - Deep Purple - Purpendicular (Part 2)

Episode #201 - Deep Purple - Purpendicular (Part 2)

Länge: 1:53:13
Complete show notes: https://deeppurplepodcast.com/?p=30965
Folgen-ID: 1000600492996
GUID: 82e7f9e8-37de-431b-bd1c-6f19477b6669
Erscheinungs­datum: 20.2.2023, 07:00:27


A fan podcast dedicated to the history, music, and people behind the band Deep Purple . . . and beyond!

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Highway Star

Georg DP
This podcast is truly amazing. Since I have been a Deep Purple fan since 1978 I thought there could be little more to learn about the band and the extended Deep Purple family. Yet these guys have proved me wrong. The great stories and details they come up with every show are just crazy. It is wonderful to be part of a world spanning group of Purple nerds that understand your peculiar affection and even share it. Thank you so much guys!