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24/10/2022 Defence SA careers in space

24/10/2022 Defence SA careers in space

Länge: 21:37
Home to more than 100 space-related organisations, the Australian Space Agency, Mission Control Centre and the future Australian Space Park, South Australia has a rapidly growing space industry. There are more than 1,400 people working across different roles in the industry, from space scientists, propulsion and robotic engineers to data and Artificial Intelligence analysts, software developers and space lawyers.    
The guests in this segment are two university students, both originally from regional South Australia, who are now pursuing careers in the space industry through study at Adelaide University.
Abigail and Sam are passionate about the space industry and are both involved in the Australian Rover Challenge, which will be hosted by Adelaide University in 2023.
The Adelaide Rover Team is a passionate multidisciplinary team of students at the University of Adelaide designing, building and competing lunar rovers for the Australian Rover Challenge.
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