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099: Embracing a "Slow Motherhood"

099: Embracing a "Slow Motherhood"

Länge: 24:28
"It goes so fast!" A descriptive for millennia used for motherhood, and especially emphasized in our modern world. Time goes fast. Kids grow up fast. There are endless options when it comes to how we raise our children and endless voices declaring what we ought to choose. What if we resisted the main stream slip stream of outward significance and embraced purpose-driven, Spirit-led as the new benchmark for success in raising kids?
The goal is never perfection, its purpose-driven and joy-filled amidst the chaos that will inevitably ensue in a mother's journey. This episode overviews a short devotional overviewing the acronym for "SLOW' with four short musings for each letter to spark creativity in your motherhood. We believe as Well Women, our purpose is only highlighted and enlarged as a result of motherhood, not diminished.
Whether you're a first time mom or seasoned grandmother, this episode will empower you to continue nurturing those around you with a soft heart and willing hands.
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