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Healing Through Creating with Arpana Rayamajhi (season 2 finale)

Healing Through Creating with Arpana Rayamajhi (season 2 finale)

Länge: 1:04:22
Arpana Rayamajhi is a Nepalese artist, jeweler + actor currently creating in New York.
I was lucky enough to sit down with Arpana during a pivotal moment in not only her career, but her life. Arpana vulnerably shares the many lessons and hardships of this past year and how she’s working through it all. We chat about her upbringing, what it was like to be raised by artists while also growing up in a country where the arts are valued culturally but not seen as a viable means of income. We explore what happens to creativity when it collides with grief. And Arpana expresses how getting to know herself better allowed her to know the world better. 
This is an incredibly special conversation and is perfect for anyone who’s going through one of life's many transitions.
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