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How to Decide if Amazon is Right for Your Small Business

How to Decide if Amazon is Right for Your Small Business

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Many are turning to Amazon as a way to start and grow their business because (when done correctly) it can be a really lucrative set up. But is Amazon the right platform for your business? Adam Shaffer breaks it down to help you make the decision.
Adam Shaffer is a technology pioneer. He has found success helping Amazon sellers through his company’s proprietary technology, services, and distribution platform. Ultimately, this has helped clients navigate the most complex waters of the largest E-commerce site in the world. Adam is also a pioneer in direct marketing and digital ecommerce of technology products and solutions to both consumer and commercial markets.
When he’s not working, you’ll find him spending time with his wife and daughters.
Here’s a summary of the great stuff that we cover in this show:
Amazon is by far the biggest marketplace with $620 billion of merchandise getting sold in the US per year. For brands, in many cases, it's by far their number one channel. It's evolved quickly over the years and continues to. And so, you need to be really good at everything on Amazon, if you want to succeed, because the rules do change from time to time.Another key aspect to success on Amazon is Inventory Management. You need to always be shifting product up to Amazon and don't run out of stock. You definitely don't want to be overstocked. Nobody wants to have too much inventory and not turning it enough. But if you work your heart out with competitors to get somewhere on the ranking, you don't want to be out of stock on your product and all of a sudden lose all that ground.Phelps United is a third-party seller and an eCommerce brand accelerator. They help brands navigate and grow on the very complicated, but potentially lucrative channel, which is the Amazon channel and other marketplaces. They help brands with their Amazon strategy by doing a quick analysis of the marketplace and work on making sure that the content is just awesome and tells a great story.
For complete show notes, transcript and links to our guest, check out our website: www.ecommerce-podcast.com.
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