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146 - Does Your Junk Need A New Trunk?

146 - Does Your Junk Need A New Trunk?

Länge: 21:15
In this episode Christina Keshishian shares her knowledge about online auctions and estate sales, so we can understand what they are and how they are conducted.
Christina is the co-owner of Anne & Anna Estate Services LLC, a company that conducts estate sales, online auctions and clean out services. Anne & Anna is a woman owned business that prides itself on providing a personalized service to all clients to help turn a stressful life event into a positive experience.
Whether it is the passing of a family member, a separation of a marriage or a transition in life relieve yourself of the emotional burden and put your trust in the professionals at Anne & Anna Estate Services.
To learn more, please visit www.anneandanna.com
In this episode we cover:
2:30        Who's Eligible?
3:31        Estate vs Online Sales
4:21        Who's A Good Fit?
5:03        Help With Pricing
5:52        Clear Out
6:40        Advantages Of Working With A Professional
8:44        Resellers
9:56        Sentimental Value
13:06     Are You Ready?
14:52      What They Can't Sell
16:21      What Sells Well
17:42      How To Make The Right Choice
Thanks so much for tuning in again this week. I appreciate you  🙂
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Special thanks to Christina Keshishian for being on the show.
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