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What Does It Feel Like To Awaken Spiritually? | A Conversation With Rachel Horton White

What Does It Feel Like To Awaken Spiritually? | A Conversation With Rachel Horton White

Länge: 45:01
What does it feel like to awaken spiritually?  I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel Horton White of Soulful Work Consulting on this very topic.  Join us as we discuss spiritual awakening and all of the ups and downs that accompany this glorious growth process.  We dive into higher self integration, the Akashic records, energy healing, and much more.
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My name is Marc Abrams. After my awakening in July, 2018 I began experiencing events that would make a blockbuster Hollywood movie pale in comparison. Like many of you, I looked for other people that were experiencing similar things. I spent many hours watching videos and researching the seemingly crazy stuff that was happening to me. I continuously found validation in random places (usually to the amusement of my spirit guide). I slowly came to trust this inner voice that was coming through me. I've awakened a multidimensional awareness and a deep sense of knowing that had previously been asleep inside me.I created this Podcast to offer a new perspective for those going through a spiritual awakening. My focus will be to help to move past the distractions of the physical world and move into your core where your soul resides. Future episodes will cover topics such as:- My spiritual awakening experience including events and triggers that lead up to my awakening- What is the true nature of reality- We all have spirit guides. Learn how to contact your guide(s).- Do we ever really lose someone when they die? Can we communicate with them after death? - Are ETs real? - What is all this talk about dimensions (3D, 4D, 5D) and all this multidimensional stuff?- What does Ascension mean and what is the process really like?- How you can learn to work with energy and expand your awareness. - What is your life's purpose and how you can begin to discover it.- How to heal from past traumas so you can expand your consciousness. Reality goes far beyond our five senses. Subscribe to the Cosmic Light Body Podcast and begin your journey towards profound self-discovery.


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