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Transforming Physician Burnout into Physician Wellness

Transforming Physician Burnout into Physician Wellness

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Today's health care has created many environmental challenges, which take a toll on physicians and contribute to burnout. Often, especially during the height of the pandemic, health care leaders guide hospitals and team members through difficult times. However, many physicians feel overwhelmed and undervalued without a healthy culture to fall back on.
In this episode of Value-Based Care Insights, Daniel J. Marino is joined by Lumina Managing Principal, George Mayzell, as they discuss the factors that contribute to physician burnout and tactics health care leaders can build a culture around physician wellness.
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Value-based care isn’t the “future of health care delivery,” it has already arrived. But value-based care is only the starting point of this conversation. We must also examine how we can bring more value to health care by increasing efficiencies, reimagining how financial performance is measured, and so on.
Of course, realizing this level of transformation isn’t easy.
That’s why we created the Value-Based Care Insights Radio Show – to empower health care organization leaders like you with the actionable guidance and strategic knowledge you need to optimize performance, as well as meet the


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