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Rachael Mason

Rachael Mason

Länge: 1:10:38
In this, our 50th episode!, Whit has a conversation with Rachael Mason.  Rachael has been a mainstay of the Chicago improv scene for many years.  She has been a central figure in the Second City’s curriculum and performance and has moved to iO which is set to re-launch under new ownership in Fall of 2022.  There, she is the Director of Education and is involved in both the design of the theater’s improv curriculum and performance structures – and as you might guess, we spend some time discussing what is to come at iO.
Rachael’s teaching also extends to coursework at DePaul University and Columbia Chicago, as well as her own workshops that she has delivered all around the world.  Her performance credits are many, with many credits at Secondy City, iO, Annoyance, Baby Wants Candy, as well as regularly performing with her good friend and improv beshert, Susan Messing.
You can get access to drop in classes and more through ioimprov.com, which certainly will develop more fully in the months and years following the release of this episode.
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