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How To Live In Flow

How To Live In Flow

How To Live In Flow
Länge: 2:50
How to live in a state of “Flow”.
Address the ‘blockage’ head on.
Sometimes the ‘blockage’ is a relationship, career, community or city. Fix it, change it or leave it.
If you feel lost in life rn, use the IKIGAI below to help you figure out how you can blend parts of your life together.
Instead of leaving parts of yourself out of the story, blend them in. _________________________________________________________
The new podcast format is centered around landing clients, making an impact and living in a state of flow. Stay tuned
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I'm your host Rahsaan Boone and I'm here to help you land clients, make a positive impact, think creatively, and live in a state of FLOW. This podcast will cover BRAND DESIGN & STRATEGIES, WELLNESS, MAKING MONEY ONLINE and HAVING FUN.
*Not to be used in place of therapy and are in no way medical advice*


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