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LANGUAGES: A Barrier to Finding Love

LANGUAGES: A Barrier to Finding Love

Länge: 28:00
I look like a Crocodile but that’s gist for when you listen. He speaks German. I speak English. Is there the slightest chance that there’s a future between us? Personally, I think not and for a good number of reasons.
On this episode, I share my personal experiences with being approached by men who do not speak English and how I have navigated these situations.
It’s the first episode since November 2021 and I am happy to be in your ears once again. Happy New Year, #youngLoversSquad.
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As young people, we’re constantly experimenting with love. Sometimes we get hurt, other times, we get it right. This podcast is a platform where young people get to share their opinions and experiences on a variety of topics; heartbreak, sex, marriage, dating preferences, etc. all of which centre around love, lust OR NOT! Have fun listening! 💚💚


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