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The transition from Corporate to Meaningful Business

The transition from Corporate to Meaningful Business

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The transition from Corporate to Meaningful Business
Tiffany is the owner of More Meaningful Marketing, a mother and an avid coffee drinker, with a wit and true passion for helping entrepreneurs find their authenticity to use attraction marketing to propel their business forward in more meaningful ways.
After losing her corporate job for being a mom first, Tiffany vowed to follow her dreams of building a successful digital marketing business, while watching her daughter grow.
Tiffany believes that the story you tell others about your brand becomes the cornerstone of why your clients do business and continue doing business with you. Therefore, she's passionate about merging personal and professional branding to create an authentic, unforgettable marketing experience.
Just when she thinks she's got it all figured out, 90% of the time, she's wondering if she walked out of the house with mismatched shoes, which reminds her that it’s important to stay humble.
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This episode is hosted by Raimonda Jankunaite, founder of the Women in Business Club.
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Inspiring Women Stories Podcast by Women in Business Club, with your host, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and speaker Raimonda Jankunaite.
In these series, we interview our Community Members, Women from all around the world who run own businesses. Through these podcast interviews, you will get to hear about personal stories of entrepreneurs, their journeys, lessons, obstacles, and journeys.
Every episode will have valuable lessons and entrepreneurial advice to start own business and / or transition in your career, personal growth, and business.
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