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35 - Save Your Skin - Dr.  Payam Abrishami

35 - Save Your Skin - Dr. Payam Abrishami

Länge: 34:41
Learn the best ways to care for your skin with Dermatologist Dr. Payam Abrishami. Dr. Abrishami shares what happens to our skin as we age, the importance of skincare, what ingredients to look for, and where to go to get the best products to help protect your skin.
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Hosted by Bill Curtis and quadruple board certified Dr. Steven Taback, Medicine, We’re Still Practicing sits down with doctors from the world’s most preeminent hospitals for insights into their research, practice, and education. The first in this dedicated series is Johns Hopkins Medicine, with the goal of not only to share the magnificent work being done by these hospitals and doctors, but for them to be able to use it as a high-quality educational tool and platform to share insights and research to a large, receptive audience. Medicine, We’re Still Practicing is a thoroughly informative and realistic podcast that speaks not only to the layman medical audience, but appeals to the medical community as well. 
No topic is off limits, from the insurance industry and universal healthcare to the latest medical advances and all of the quackery and snake oil salesmen you should avoid. However, in accordance with good bedside manner, Dr. Taback and his guests from the medical community keep the conversation light and informative. An important listen during these times of medical uncertainty and differed opinions.


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