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Mandible Judy- S03E01

Mandible Judy- S03E01

Länge: 12:10
Eamon Carver awakens in a new body and tries to understand what has happened to him, while René and Catherine come to terms with Judy’s violent actions at Dental Services the night before.
Season 3 Cast:
Bonnie Galliard- Erin Lillis
Marco Mazzanti- David Steele
Catherine Rudolph- Lee Eddy
Connor Darcy- Mike Hall
René Kaderbeck- Noa Graham
Casey Handleman- John Constantine
Eamon Carver- Marc Devaney
Uncle Wally- Chris Burke
Kenny Howard- Gabriel Hicks
Frank Howard- Gary Scales
Dr. Schifano- Giulia Nervi
Dr. Nobili- Bonnie Bogovich
Judy Kaderbeck- Tamara Yadao
Uncle Pate- Bob Lukomski
Magnus Becker- Graham Rowat
Field Commander Brady- André Martinez
Petra- Tamara Yadao
Hedgie- Glenn Graeber
Officer Dalton- Billy Priess
Nick Mazzanti- Ty Anderson
Amanda Walston- Amanda Goodman
Phil Thacker- Vinay P. Nariani
Keating- Michael Donelan
Cult Member- Ken Applebaum
Cult Member- Adam Seats
Music by glomag
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Not your typical bi-weekly horror, scifi, telepathic frogs audio drama, Mandible Judy also features a synth-wielding geneticist and strangely sonorous rocks from space.We combine top-notch voice acting by veterans of the world of audio fiction with rich, evocative sound design and a dark, original score of brooding synthesizers and surreal soundscapes.To round out your mutated-children and marsh-dwelling-critter experience, Under Dead Water expands on the universe of Mandible Judy with new stories centered around a lake in New Hampshire. Our weekly twitch stream features discussion with the cast and crew as well as guest composers, voice actors and writers from the film, TV and podcasting worlds. twitch.tv/mandiblejudy


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