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#55 | A Shadow Integration Guide to Relationship Mastery - Connor Beaton (ManTalks)

#55 | A Shadow Integration Guide to Relationship Mastery - Connor Beaton (ManTalks)

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“The way you treat and view women represents the way you treat your own feminine qualities and unconscious mind.” - Connor Beaton
My guest today is Connor Beaton, a writer, speaker, and founder of Mantalks, a platform dedicated to offering healing and brotherhood to men around the world. 
Using a combination of Jungian psychology, somatic therapy, transformative breathwork and meditative practices, Connor has produced an effective approach to working with shadow and integrating the hidden parts of the self.
In our conversation today, we speak about fatherhood and the release of his new book Men’s Work. In particular, we focus on the relationship between men and women, including a tactical guide to navigating conflict.  He shares why the cliche of “happy wife, happy life” is a trap, and why it’s better to seek to understand than be right. 
Connor shares how infidelity and porn can lead to surprising revelations, and finally, we both respond with our own perspective on the age-old question “what might men really want?” 
* ManTalks Official Website
* Relationship Mastery Course
* Men’s Work - The Book
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