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Repertoire 7: Singing in Harmony with the Angels

Repertoire 7: Singing in Harmony with the Angels

Länge: 21:38
Above, the hosts of angels sing praise; below, men form choirs in the churches and imitate them by singing the same doxology... The inhabitants of heaven and earth are brought together in a common assembly; there is one thanksgiving, one shout of delight, one joyful chorus. (St. John Chrysostom) How can we participate fully and harmoniously in this "joyful chorus" when we cannot easily perceive the angels with our physical senses?
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Erscheinungs­datum: 12.10.2021, 17:00:00


How can the music heard today in the Catholic Church be renewed so as to faithfully fulfill its traditional role – to proclaim the divine dignity of the Mass, and to draw people into its contemplative dimension of reverent adoration, transformation, and loving communion? Please join me as we study the oft-neglected but luminous path which the Church has charted for this inspired renewal, and as we share our questions and challenges along the way.


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