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Billy Mandarino - Timelessness of the Now

Billy Mandarino - Timelessness of the Now

Länge: 1:23:07
219 - Billy Mandarino is an author, speaker, teacher, musician, and founder of THE NOW-IST principles. His book The Now-ist outlines how to use present moment awareness and imagination to attract abundance into our lives.
Billy joins the podcast for a second appearance to revisit the principles of The Nowist, which show us a path to liberation out of the chaos of our Matrix system.
Full discussion topics include:
-An exploration into the question of "Who am I?"
-The timelessness of present moment awareness
-How we tend to repress divinity and operate out of trauma
-Billy's healing journey and the miraculousness of self-healing methods
-Playing in the realms of creativity and imagination
-How to manifest anything you want in your life by interacting with the quantum realm
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It's time to realign with who it is that you really are. There is a story of interconnectivity that has failed to be heard as we continue to observe the world through our material lens. Consumerism, material science, and the external seeking of “success” has left humanity disconnected from the true source of our nature. It is only once we begin to venture into ourselves with an abstract lens that our natural state begins to awaken. We see for ourselves who it is we really are, our role, and the true purpose of humanity. This call for awakening is meant to guide us towards putting our unique purpose into action, and as we each individually begin to tune into it, humanity will make its next great leap in the evolutionary process: an expansion of our consciousness. Let's explore new ideas in interconnectivity, spirituality, shamanism, psychology, and return to living in alignment with Mother Earth and one another.


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