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Episode 152: Bold Action w/ Case Kenny

Episode 152: Bold Action w/ Case Kenny

Länge: 45:27
Case Kenny is a writer, podcaster, and recording artist extraordinaire. Coming from corporate America, Case decided to start asking bold questions that expanded his mind and really stumbled upon a whole new lifestyle for himself. His drive and passion for growth inspired him to start the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast in the summer of 2018. The podcast became a sensation earning Case some prestigious awards and accolades, including Apple Podcast's Top 30 Overall.
Through Case's passion for podcasting and music, he developed and recorded his Music x Mindfulness sessions in the height of COVID lockdowns. His goal was to create digestible guided meditation sessions set to uplifting dance music. With guests like Gryffin, Cash Cash, and Martin Garrix, it's safe to say these were an absolute hit!
Delving deeper into his mindfulness journey, Case struggled to find a journal that worked for him, so he created one. Now having several books, journals, and hundreds of millions of downloads of his podcast underway, it's safe to say Case has made a household name for himself in the mindfulness space.
His most recent book That's Bold of You is now available on Amazon Prime!
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