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A childhood such as mine

A childhood such as mine

QUEST FOR LOVE: Memoir of a Child Sex Slave
Länge: 27:04
"Maybe my story can be a tiny beam of light in a large, dark cave," says Anneke Lucas in the podcast that begins to tell her story, from her book QUEST FOR LOVE.
"Elite pedophilia is the world’s best protected secret.
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Erscheinungs­datum: 22.2.2023, 02:27:39


Storyteller Caitlin Hicks, (playwright, performer, author, actor) describes the stories in these podcasts that explore the grief of life as well as the meaning, the humour, the redemption.
The series features a variety of first-person character stories in a number of episodes from her international theatrical touring shows: Mother Love, Next of Kin, The Trouble of Christmas, The Life We Lived.
Hicks will also share chapters from her novel," A Theory of Expanded Love". But here, she shares a short story from The Trouble of Christmas episodes, called Read Island Santa.
The introduction to the series itself begins this podcast, so please listen, even if it's summer outside!
The voices of Sunshine Coast residents and old timers, Cynthia Culbard Jones and Diana Culbard Peters are combined in this short about their first Christmas in the 30s at Read Island – so far away that Santa would never find them. And yet, a man named Mr. Green visits their school house on Christmas Eve and surprises everyone, ‘even the old bachelors'. It’s a charming story about the blissfully gullible time of being children.


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