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This Bowling Champion Will Teach You How To Strike a Director Promotion

This Bowling Champion Will Teach You How To Strike a Director Promotion

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Today I interview one of my favorite clients ever - Lori Edwards, a Director at Niche - an ed-tech leader in school search.  
If you’re in the first decade of your career and looking to break through the Director level, this conversation can give you the mindset shift that will help you replicate her success, even if you feel stuck and frustrated at the moment.
Lori had spent seven years as a Product Manager when she joined her current startup as a Senior PM. That’s when things got complicated.
The head of her team didn't have a product background, so Lori found herself managing everything and everyone. She was clearly operating below her level.  Frustrated at waiting on a promotion that never came, she struggled to figure out why she was not moving up in the company. 
Just when she had resigned that there wasn't a role above her opening up anytime soon, she discovered the Denali Executive Accelerator.  After the Program and while continuing to work with CareerClimb, Lori received two promotions.  She had set her initial goals for a year but achieved them 3 months early.  
Today Lori is a recognized leader in her company with a strong team.  
In our conversation, I explore the secrets to her continued career success.
How to cultivate the mindset of an athlete and a championThe critical importance of unlearning habits in order to relearn better onesHow to deal with failure and being stuckHow to get people to trust you, even though you may be the youngest in the groupAlso, discover:
The go-to framework Lori uses for change management that has gotten her visibility and results at her companyThe way she learned how to negotiate with authority during a hospital stay and how she uses this skill at workHow Lori chooses who she surrounds herself with and learns from (hint: your environment trumps everything else)And more!
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Check out the Denali Executive Accelerator at https://executiveaccelerator.co/
Check out Lori at https://www.linkedin.com/in/lori-a-edwards/
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