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176. Desert Salt: The Healthiest Salt To Eat - Samantha Skyring (Oryx Desert Salt)

176. Desert Salt: The Healthiest Salt To Eat - Samantha Skyring (Oryx Desert Salt)

Länge: 47:22
Blessed to have single mom and entrepreneur Samantha Skyring, the founder of Oryx Desert Salt. Why is salt so important? Well, we talk about:
why most salts are damaged and full of microplasticswhy Oryx Desert Salt is the most pristine salt, harvested by different methods than other saltswhy salt is actually good for us and our diet in contrast to what conventional doctors sayI have geeked out on salt on the past, and have gone through different progressions, from himalayan salt to just celtic sea salt. I though celtic sea salt was the best until I met Samantha, and we started talking about the purity. Based on what I've learned, I now only use Oryx Desert Salt, as I can trust in its purity.
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4:00 - Why Celtic and Himalayan salt is not the best
8:50 - What is Oryx Desert Salt
15:30 - Oryx salt has the perfect ratio
17:32 - Humanitarian efforts with Oryx
23:40 - Is salt the enemy of hypertension, blood pressure, and weight gain?
30:20 - New exciting projects for Oryx Salt
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