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Episode 129: Scott Dikkers

Episode 129: Scott Dikkers

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Scott Dikkers performs, writes, and animates the new weekly TV show, Scott Dikkers Around, available ad-free wherever you get podcasts.
His long career in comedy began with his syndicated comic strip, Jim's Journal, which led to a New York Times bestselling book collection. After that, he founded the world’s first humor website, TheOnion.com. He’s served as The Onion’s owner and editor-in-chief, on and off, for much of the last 30 years.
Scott's work has won a Peabody award, the Thurber Prize for American Humor, and dozens of Webby Awards. In addition, he earned the #43 spot on Time magazine’s list of the Top 50 “Cyber Elite” alongside such iconic figures as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and George Lucas.
Scott shares his humor-writing secrets in the best-selling How to Write Funny book series. The latest addition is How to Write Funny Characters. He mentors comedians and comedy writers via a series of online classes he developed through the Second City Training Center in Chicago. He offers workshops, live writers' rooms, and free resources for comedy writers through the How to Write Funny website.
In his spare time, Scott is an accomplished voice actor who’s performed in many national commercials, video games and animated cartoons, including Saturday Night Live’s “TV Funhouse.” He’s also written and directed several award-winning short films, two feature films, Spaceman, and Bad Meat, and several novels. His latest is The Joke at the End of the World.
Scott & I talked about:
·       Comedy is a marketing game
·       Blue Ocean vs Red Ocean strategy in stand-up
·       Meta Humor
·       Finding your own style vs going with current trends
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Every week, Scott Curtis talks serious with comedians about their craft. Were they inspired by Dave Chappelle or George Carlin, Paula Poundstone or Iliza Shlesinger? How do they write their comedy sets? Which jokes work and which one's failed? How do you find your comedic voice? Which comedy clubs are the best? We hit these topics and more every week so that you and I can learn from the professional comedians who have blazed the trail for us.


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