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Shibari with special guest The Abyss New Haven's Jack!

Shibari with special guest The Abyss New Haven's Jack!

Länge: 47:51
Take a peek into the mysterious and remarkable world of Shibari as our guest Jack from The Abyss New Haven takes us on a tour of his experiences as a long time rope and rigger enthusiast and sex work professional. This has been one of our most informative and kink fun episodes yet! We talk about everything from practicality, to safety tips, to the art that is bondage. See being tied up in a whole new light with this enlightening podcast!
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Erscheinungs­datum: 14.1.2021, 00:35:54


A podcast by a couple of fun, flirty, cam models covering a wide range of topics about the Adult Entertainment Industry! From tips and tricks for newbies, to what life is really like being a cam model, the comedic side of things, to the downright dirty. Get a raw and real take on internet sex work! Check us out on Twitter: @tabbykatcafe and @jessica_3rotica Can't get enough? Check out our blog too


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