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Is your life missing a little...boredom? (Plus: what I've been doing, my new serger, and the state of the garden)

Is your life missing a little...boredom? (Plus: what I've been doing, my new serger, and the state of the garden)

Länge: 18:20
It's been a minute!!  In today's episode, I'll catch you up on what's been going on, share my new schedule, talk about the Baby Lock Vibrant serger (sort of), share a new favorite garden resource, and then some...
Links to things I mention:
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Leanne's Art Lab (art videos): youtube.com/@leannedelux
Chonky Cap - Free Knitting Pattern: mothandrustdiy.com/chonky-cap-free-knitting-pattern
Monarch Gardens, an awesome resource for midwesterners who are interested in land stewardship and converting lawns into native prairie: www.monarchgard.com
Milk the Weed, the facebook page for Monarch Gardens: facebook.com/MonarchGardensLLC
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My craft blog: mothandrustdiy.com
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Prairie Craft Almanac is a show exploring craft, nature and simple, creative living.
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