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What Would Happen If We Put People Over Profit? *BIG ANNOUNCEMENT*

What Would Happen If We Put People Over Profit? *BIG ANNOUNCEMENT*

Länge: 8:26
After over 100 episodes of this podcast, I’m officially transitioning over to a new podcast - and very soon, a new brand - that puts people over profit in all the best ways. Normally, I would be really sad about releasing something that I've worked so hard on for so long but this - today - feels different.
I've been doing this work for awhile but never this intentionally and never this boldly. I think that's why this feels different – because it's finally me. It’s my whole heart being put out there and parts of me that I’ve felt unsure about sharing or have kept hidden because I thought it would be too weird for people.
See, I have this belief that profit matters but people…people are everything.
Without people there is no profit.
There’s no purpose to the work.
There’s no joy in the day to day.
People are what make our jobs – and lives – so fulfilling as entrepreneurs.
In fact, putting people first amplifies profits!
With this in mind, I’d like to give you a preview of the new podcast so you can decide for yourself if this new direction and path I’m forging  is one you’ll join me on. I really hope you do, especially if this stretches or challenges you to think differently because that’s where the real magic and growth happens.
Thank you for listening, always. I am so grateful for you.
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