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Mary Rozell

Mary Rozell

Ep.143 features Mary Rozell. She is the Global He…
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Ep.143 features Mary Rozell. She is the Global Head of the UBS Art Collection. She is responsible for the strategic direction and management of UBS’s art collection of over 30,000 works of art, considered to be one of the most important collections of its kind. An art lawyer and art historian, Mary is also the author of The Art Collector's Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Acquiring and Owning Art published in 2020. She has acted as an advisor to collectors, artists and estates on all issues relating to the acquisition, management and deaccessioning of private art collections, and is a recognized leader in the field.
Photo Credit: Flavio Karrer 2022
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The Cerebral Women media platform presents Cerebral Women Art Talks, a podcast that is an extension of @cerebral_women. Conversations offer insights into the visual art world from artists, mainly artists of color, and female artists who freely articulate what inspires their creativity. In addition, you'll hear interesting perspectives from dedicated art professionals who work with artists and the art institutions that feature them. Art Advisors, Art Critics, Collectors, Curators, Gallerists, Museum Professionals.


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