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Struggling with This Podcast (3 Year Anniversary)

Struggling with This Podcast (3 Year Anniversary)

Länge: 1:55:54
It's that time of year again! 3 years and we're still here! Please enjoy  our ridiculously long episode of fun with music from Michael Kane, Cursed Tongue, and C.E. Skidmore and the Damn Fine Band.  Thank you to everyone who listens and shares, and supports us in these ways and others. Without all of you we wouldn't still be here. And We hope to be here for many more years!
A huge Thank you to Loser's Circle for allowing us to use the Song "The Great Illusion of Time"  of their album 'Took Long Enough' for the podcast. Click HERE to grab their phenomenal album!
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Erscheinungs­datum: 2.1.2023, 06:00:00


Trev Allen, the Struggling Artist, talks with guests about being Creatives, mental health, life struggles, and anything else that pops up. The Struggling Artist Podcast is not an interview podcast, it's a Conversational one that flows organically in hopes to provide Creatives a familiar and relaxed experience. The ultimate goal of the podcast is to show listeners that we are all human and have struggles. Also, it's never too late to start creating. This podcast, much like the conversations on it, have organically grown to become more music focused, in that our guests are in one way or the other tied to the music industry. However, sometimes friends of the show and other creatives will hop in to chop it up with Trev. Episodes drop Mondays.


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