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LTR!036 – Natalia Fadejeva Retoucher – Part II

LTR!036 – Natalia Fadejeva Retoucher – Part II

Natalia Fadejeva who is retouching for magazines like Vogue, ELLE and known Makeup Brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills talks about her journey of becoming a retoucher, the struggles of studying arts at university,
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Natalia's Path of becoming a Retoucher
Daniel Hager
So, when was the time that you pushed through being a student and becoming a working Retoucher; was that during university or was it after university for you?
 Natalia Fadejeva
Yeah, I think it was during university. As I said, I graduated 2015 and I remember registering myself as a self-employed.
In 2014 I also remember. I mean it's great to have amazing friends and me and Shannon were sitting in.
And we're writing an essay for work and then from one of the photographers that I've been kind of trying. And you know.
You know?
Building my experience with he had a.
Potentially endorse editorial thing for Cosmopolitan, and I was like, oh crap, I have this essay to Ryans like I don't know if I'm going to make it like deadline is and there's this amazing opportunity and I will have to say no.
So the Sienna supporting me. She's like, don't worry and she's like you tell me I'll see you next to you, right?
And I will help you like finish writing you. You just need to talk to me and you can like we talked. You don't choose. So don't miss this opportunity to take it. And so I did and then.
And since then, yeah, I've been. I've been trying to take as many opportunities as I can. I still to this day take free work and I know a lot of people told.
Daniel Hager
Oh, don't say that you're gonna get a lot of rich.
Natalia Fadejeva
Oh well, it's fine. Like you too you I still like doing it especially I have so much commercial work coming in. I sometimes get so tired of it so.
Just for the sake of doing something different and fun, I still take free work and I still think there's so much for me to learn.
So I do. I mean it's not hindering me.
Daniel Hager
Which is incredible to notice for someone who has worked on covers for ELLE, think VOGUE as well.
Natalia Fadejeva
I think.
Yeah, I just haven't put it out. Yeah so so bad, sorry.
Daniel Hager
So yeah, I mean you have worked on covers for vogue, cosmopolitan as you said, obviously a Russian magazine.
You've done beauty campaigns and stuff. There's still something to be said about someone who has done that saying.
Oh, there's still so much for me to learn.
Natalia Fadejeva
There is and I can't stress this enough and you know, we know the main approach. Retouching skin, cleaning the gebran, color correction, blah blah blah.
But there are certain things, these little tweaks not in technique, but approach how people may use the same curves to do something else.
Unlike all, it's actually so good. For example, before when I used to masks, I only knew how to do with pencil.
But then I discovered channels and then in channels you would draw another guy. So you have to be so meticulous.
But then I saw someone.
You say you know the torch and burn the tool itself.
To use that in masking to perfect the mosque that's speed up. It's those little things that people don't sometimes mentioned.
 Forget to mention that they're using or. It's somewhere in another tutorial you don't think a...
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