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EP#98- Cheers! Stand out this year! Welcome to 2023

EP#98- Cheers! Stand out this year! Welcome to 2023

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NEW SEGMENT ALERT - DEAR SAM- Confess, ask manifestation questions, advice about anything at all!!!! And YES You WILL  remain anonymous (I wont even know who you are) ;)
submit your DEAR SAM here
HAPPY NEW YEAR! THIS YEAR IS ALL ABOUT AUTHENTICITY! I am so excited to support you in your manifestation journey! So much love to you all!
She Receives Academy APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN apply here to learn how to manifest everything you ever wanted adnd finally dissolve your limiting beliefs!
5 steps to manifest anything!
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Were you a "why ?" kid? SAME! The kid in class who couldn't sit still? Always chatting, and maybe never quite "fit in" this podcast is for you!!!!!!
The money Mindset, Manifestation podcast for open minded millenials who are ready to ditch their limiting beliefs and have a RICH LIFE!
Join Sam Speaks in this no limit podcast as she dives into all things manifestation, mindset, love and so much more!

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