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Do I speak Korean? Better than you! Probably. Who knows. 
The "Bali! Bali! Hurry! Hurry!" attitude which has allowed Korea to become an Asian Tiger in a flash, has also lead to growing pains. Let's just say everything isn't always "up to code" on the peninsula. A department store collapse, the ferry disaster a few years ago, the numerous fires I witnessed, and now this. 
Seoul and its surroundings are well-peopled, crowds are common. Protests routinely fill the streets. The police know how to do this. Apparently they weren't around in sufficient numbers. Calls early in the evening were ignored. But, Korean style, the leaders are rightly being blamed. Shame is real the ROK. Leaders are taken to task via the healthy culture of citizen street action. Ironically it will be packed streets, once again, pushing for justice. 
Wouldn't it be wonderful if American leaders were forced to take such responsibility? 
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A casted monologue, hence modcast, of discursive, peripatetic story telling. I want to get my stories down before I forget or die of Covid. Anchor asked me to categorize it. I went with Improv. Isn’t life just an improvised comedy? I certainly didn’t get the script. Probably because there is no writer, director, or producer. But there do seem to be lighting and sound departments, and really heavy special effects. Let's not forget the actors, extras, and craft services! Metaphors will me mixed, facts unchecked, tales embellished. You've been warned. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mod-john-cast/support


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