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First Time Chicken Keeping- February BOTM

First Time Chicken Keeping- February BOTM

Länge: 10:10
You don't have to be a first-time chicken keeper for this book to be an essential part of your collection. First Time Chicken Keeping by Schneider and McCrea covers all areas of poultry care from before the arrival of your first flock to the maintenance they will need as they age along with solutions for potential problems should they arise. Tessa and Linda go over their favorite parts that contain all the information you need to get started with success!
First Time Chicken Keeping Day-Old PoultryPoultry Starter KitSmall Order Chick Starter KitPredator ControlIncubatorsHatching EggsAll About BroodingHatching Eggs Tips and Tricks
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The Coop with Meyer Hatchery is a place where we talk all things poultry, in hopes of inspiring crazy chicken keepers and educating future flock owners. Together we'll take a more in-depth look at poultry-related care and the questions we commonly hear.

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