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Autism at work: How Auticon are supporting corporate’s IT needs with MD, Amanda Turnill

Autism at work: How Auticon are supporting corporate’s IT needs with MD, Amanda Turnill

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Amanda Turnill is the Managing Director of Auticon and an advocate for the rights of people with autism.
She is an internationally recognised regulatory and product liability lawyer based in Sydney.
She recently retired from the law to spend more time with her two teenage children, who are both on the autistic spectrum.
Given this background and that so many gifted autistic people struggle to obtain gainful employment due to current social norms rather than technology skills, Amanda is enthusiastic about her leadership position at auticon.
Amanda believes that many other parents of neurodiverse children and adults will have similar stories and will want to know about auticon’s mission here.
To find out more about Auticon visit: https://auticon.com.au/
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Learn how to employ neurodiverse people’s unique and special talents to your market advantage.
This series has been created to help you grow your enterprise by embracing difference through the employment of people with ADHD, and autistic and dyslexic individuals.
To find out more about how Thriving Now can help your business benefit from neurodiversity growth, visit thrivingnow.com.au/consulting and to register your interest for our next event on Neurodiversity at work visit neurodiversitysymposium.com.au/register


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