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S3E6 The Robotic Manicurist

S3E6 The Robotic Manicurist

Länge: 30:12
Hey Good People! Robots are entering the salon this year. I told you something about 2023 felt magical. An article, “Automated Manicures Are Coming to U.S. Airports,” from nailpro.com piqued my interest. I had to come share what I found and get your input. Would you let a machine paint your nails?
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A new segment of the Nails by Rah brand where we talk about everything nails and the business of nails! Tune in every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. for topics, nail business news, and nail art related Confessions by your host Rasheedah H. Muhammad, Nail Tech affectionately known as "Rah." She will be bringing in special guests and answering any questions that you may have so spread the word! This podcast is for anyone who is aspiring to become a nail technician, an experienced nail technician, or someone who just wants to join the conversation.
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