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Re-Release: Talking Mushrooms with Daniel Winkler

Re-Release: Talking Mushrooms with Daniel Winkler

Länge: 59:05
Last year, Chris and Ashley spoke with Daniel Winkler and had an awesome conversation about all things mushrooms! We wanted to revisit that conversation now that more activities are opening up and people are getting together and getting outside. The original episode description is below including links to all that was talked about.
We should say this first and foremost NEVER eat anything in the wild unless you are 100% certain of what you are eating.
Chris and Ashley discuss all things Mushrooms with Daniel Winkler. Daniel is a world renowned expert on Mushrooms. He travels to different parts of the world studying mushrooms and guiding mushroom eco-tours. He has written field guides which we find really useful and has been very involved in the Puget Sound Mycological Society, one of the largest mushroom societies in North America. Funny story, once when we were out foraging with Daniel in the woods we ran into a woman and her son who were also foraging mushrooms. She right away recognized Daniel and even told her son, “This is one of mommy’s heroes!” He’s also just an all around good guy and easy to talk to about all things mushrooms. We love his approach to getting out and learning. And to not forage out of fear.
Mushroaming - Daniel’s mushroom websitePSMS - Puget Sound Mycological SocietyKitchen Unnecessary Video Episode foraging Chanterelles with DanielA Field Guide to Edible Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest by Daniel WinklerA Field Guide to Edible Mushrooms of California by Daniel WinklerMedicinal Mushroooms of North America field guide by Daniel WinklerBook: The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie MackesyBook: Mushrooms Demystified by David Arora
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Ashley Rodriguez and Chris Baron, are brother and sister and co-creators of the series Kitchen Unnecessary. On the Kitchen Unnecessary podcast they bring in expert foragers, hunters, chefs, wild food creators and cultivators to talk shop, joke and discuss the magic of finding and feasting on wild foods over the fire.


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