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7 Figure Systems vs 7 Figure Tech

7 Figure Systems vs 7 Figure Tech

Länge: 15:21
In this episode, Kirsten walks you through the difference between Systems and Tech, her signature Systems and Tech Mindset Framework to help you avoid overwhelm and increase your peace, and the systems and tech you need to scale to 7 figures and why you need it today regardless of where you’re at in your income.
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Kirsten Roldan is a Nuyorican, Million Dollar Operations & Email expert. She created the only program that helps Coaches and Service Providers make Social Media Optional using Email Marketing, Million Dollar Email.She also created Million Dollar CEO, a mastermind for Coaches and Agency Owners that want to enroll their first or next 100-1,000 clients with a scalable offer, a genius team and powerful systems.Keep up with Kirsten: @kirstenroldanLearn more about Million Dollar Email: https://kirstenroldan.com/million-dollar-emailLearn more about Million Dollar CEO: https://kirstenroldan.com/million-dollar-ceoLearn the 5 reasons why Millionaires write emails: https://kirstenroldan.com/5-reasons-seriesBook Kirsten for Speaking and Coaching: https://kirstenroldan.com/contact


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