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Recovering From PTSD - How To Heal Your Mind And Body

Recovering From PTSD - How To Heal Your Mind And Body

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“When you look at somebody that has post traumatic stress,  they look like everybody else. They look normal on the outside, but there's a reason why almost 22 veterans a day commit suicide because of ptsd. Because it's that  debilitating.” - Charles SmithWe’re going to talk about what PTSD is, why it happens, and how to heal yourself.
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PTSD stands for post traumatic stress disorder, which occurs when someone has been exposed to an event that causes severe trauma. The symptoms include flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, and other emotional reactions.
Today I share a conversation with Charles Smith, a Vet, Author & PTSD support volunteer.
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Here are some key moments:
PTSD Is A Real ThingWhy Do People Experience PTSD?The Signs and Symptoms Of PTSD.Healing Yourself From PTSD.PLUS Bonus tips of what to do if being stalked.
Charles is a lifelong survivor of multiple different trauma's including but not limited to being orphaned at a young age, being a homeless veteran, and surviving a suicide attempt, 10 years before his son was born. He comes to us now as an inspiration of proof that you can overcome the worst life has to offer and use your pain as a building block in support of others!
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