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Love in Action with Bhante, the Loving Kindness Monk

Love in Action with Bhante, the Loving Kindness Monk

Länge: 24:08
Val Spies & Melissa Carroll interview Bhante Sujatha, a Buddhist monk who radiates compassion and joy. He offers loving wisdom in this conversation, and how our spiritual practice is not "on the meditation cushion" but in how we live.
Bhante is teaching an online workshop, "Life Lessons from the Pandemic" through The Lotus Pond on 3/25: learn more and sign up here (scroll down the workshop list)
A portion of the proceeds from this event will support Bhante Sujatha's monthly project in Sri Lanka to provide essential food supplies to low income people.
Learn more about Bhante and support his many humanitarian projects at https://www.bhantesujatha.org/
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Yoga Wisdom in Modern Life: Conversations & Interviews on Yoga, The Art of Teaching Yoga, Wellness, & Mindfulness. Hosted by Val Spies & Melissa Carroll.


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