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S5 Ep 4 Five Ways to Disciple Your Children

S5 Ep 4 Five Ways to Disciple Your Children

Länge: 34:38
We know we’re supposed to disciple our children, but it feels overwhelming. Even though there are countless devotionals, Bible studies and books for teaching children about Jesus, where do we start? 
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In our world today, there is more information available than in any other time in history, but WISDOM is in short supply. In Lionshare’s podcast “Wisdom Unlocked: The Ways of God”, you’ll hear how learning about God’s character and ways are guides to wisdom. We discuss topics such as the importance of honoring others, guarding your heart, the misunderstood meaning of the fear of the Lord, the true meaning of humility, how obedience is the key to transformation, how to hear the voice of God, and finishing well. These are the keys to unlocking God’s wisdom. Join us on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.


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