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Ep.35 Climate Dialogue-Liam Kavanagh, Matthew Green & Jacob Kishere

Ep.35 Climate Dialogue-Liam Kavanagh, Matthew Green & Jacob Kishere

Länge: 1:18:29
A vitalising (first ever) conversation with Liam Kavanagh and Matthew Green envisioning a pragmatic and transformative response to climate. We explore balancing Cultural transformation vs Political pragmatism. We delve into a deeply trauma-informed understanding of the climate conversation and our systemic stagnation.   
What is the quality of approach needed in this conversation?n how do we confront injustice with love? What kind of soul-force and vitality is needed now?
Liam Kavanagh is a Cognitive & Social Scientist devoted to using his understanding of human motivation, ideology, and economics to aid more effective responses to the climate crisis. He is co-founded the Moderate Flank a pragmatic and pan-political catalyst for climate action.  He has worked on three continents over 20 years doing applied social research, co-founded Life Itself, a community for responding to the poly-crisis, and written a book on how Western ideology contributes to climate change inaction. https://moderateflank.org/about-the-m...
Matthew Green  is a Climate Journalist at Desmogged, formerly of Reuters, and writer on collective trauma healing. He's previously authored 'Aftershock' on 'The untold stories of surviving peace' for soldiers with PTSD. He's worked in conflict zones in the Middle East and Africa, writing his first book on the hunt for Joseph Kony.    Subscribe to his substack 'Resonant World' on "How collective trauma shapes our lives - and how we can heal" at: https://matthewgreenglobal.substack.com
 Jacob Kishere is a philosopher, experimental artist, transformative dialogue practitioner and guy who's figuring shit out. His enquiries span sensemaking, collective trauma healing, ecologies of practice & the evolution of consciousness.   Jacob writes on his free culturepilgrim substack "An unfolding dialogue on healing, insight & wisdom" at: https://culturepilgrim.substack.comwww.jacobkishere.com   #climatechange #climate Show less
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