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The Myths of Biblical Womanhood with Girl Defined

The Myths of Biblical Womanhood with Girl Defined

Länge: 36:52
"What is a woman?" and "my body, my choice" have dominated the media and dinner table conversations lately. As Christians, we are surrounded by worldly, sinful ideologies. How do we respond as godly women? 
The answer lies in answering a vital question: What is a biblical woman? 
This week special guest Bethany Beal from Girl Defined joins Cat & Nicole to expose some popular myths about being a biblical woman. The world and church culture give us numerous possible answers, but what does the Bible say? How does God define womanhood and femininity? What does it actually mean to be a godly woman? Tune in to find out! 
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Welcome to The Biblical Woman Podcast! A show for Women of all ages and backgrounds. Cat and Nicole explore topics like marriage, dating, parenting, Bible, and even theology from a perspective of love and respect. Join them as they help women strengthen their relationship with Christ, share the Gospel, and create faith-driven lives.


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