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Luck, Productivity, and Creativity - A chat with Ali Abdaal

Luck, Productivity, and Creativity - A chat with Ali Abdaal

Länge: 38:21
In this exciting episode of Broaden Your Horizons, we sit down (virtually) with Ali Abdaal, a doctor, YouTuber, and podcaster, to discuss luck, serendipity, productivity, creativity, and life in quarantine.
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CHECK OUT ALI ABDAAL on YouTube here. :)
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Erscheinungs­datum: 3.9.2020, 20:06:30


Welcome to the weekly podcast where we discuss books, entrepreneurship, productivity, and the human mind. We are Filippo Fonseca and Mark Music, occasionally joined by guests, and we talk about things to help us lead, think, and be better in all aspects of our life. We break down complicated subjects and craft them into practical, easy-to-follow advice so that you can implement it into your own life and grow with us. We'd love for you to join us.


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