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Reviving the Imaginal: Season 2, Episode 9

Reviving the Imaginal: Season 2, Episode 9

Länge: 59:20
This podcast was recorded on January 27, 2021 at 8:00 Central Time.
On this episode of the Star Love Podcast, I’m excited to welcome academcian and diviner extraordinaire, Angela Voss. Angela had a singular career as a classical musician who felt deeply moved to excavate and import the philosophical and spiritual underpinnings of Renaissance music back into performance practice. We discuss Angela’s move into academia where she and Geoffrey Cornelius pioneered the MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred at Canterbury Christ University. She then founded the independent Centre for Myth Cosmology and the Sacred to reach a wider global audience. Emphasizing the divinatory and magical nature of astrology, Angela’s work asks us to reimagine an enchanted universe where we can find the lines of good fortune. Join us and be thrilled by the sounds of Monteverdi and open yourself to a type of divination that is mysterious, uplifting, and ecstatic.
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Each episode Dan interviews some of the brightest, most unique voices in Astrology and divination discussing how his unique approach to astrology compliments his guests


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