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Life after Death - DEATH OF SUPERMAN 30 year retrospective E6141

Life after Death - DEATH OF SUPERMAN 30 year retrospective E6141

Länge: 2:07:13
"A world without heroes is like world without sun. You can't look up to anyone..." The words of KISS were never more true than at the beginning of a cold December in 1992 and ending in January of 1993. The doors outside of comic shops were lined with mourners on that comic book Wednesday. The Man of Tomorrow, The Last Son of Krypton, The Metropolis Kid, The Man of Steel - Superman was dead. Fans wept as they reached for the black polybagged issue, eager to see how our greatest hero could possibly leave us. Major news outlets across the world reported on how Earth's Mightiest Champion was finally and tragically meeting his demise. It was news that rocked the comic world, the fans of Big Blue and the entire planet. Now 30 years later we look back on story that was arguably one of the greatest Superman stories ever told. Also we look at how our hosts , Double A and CM, faced up against possibly their first major collectible event as comic book collectors and fans. "In a world without heroes, there's nothing to be - it's no place for me."
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