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15 London, Paris, Rome - Your Perfect Travel Montage: Cassie Tetro, Montage Travel

15 London, Paris, Rome - Your Perfect Travel Montage: Cassie Tetro, Montage Travel

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This Travel Business Owner Podcast podcast is brought to you by Travel Beyond the Obvious, where we train and certify travel planners who want to turn their local knowledge into money. If you’re just starting out with a travel planning business you can watch 3-minute samples from any of our courses for free on our site. If you’re an established travel planner we'd love to tell you more about our Gold Certification and the Travel Expert Network.
In this episode Madeline interviews Certified Travel Expert Cassie Tetro about how she started her successful travel planning business Montage Travel, how she built up her expertise, how she gets clients, and how she plans her trips.
 Cassie Tetro is travel advisor and self-confessed travel addict in a long-term love affair with Europe. She is based in Atlanta, was born in New York, and holds dual American and Italian citizenship (thanks to her great grandfather who was born in Italy!). As a travel consultant, it’s her job (and passion!) to build personalized itineraries for anyone looking to make the most out of their European vacations, based on their own interests, needs, and travel style.
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Listen as she shares her journey and find out how what inspired her to create her successful travel planning business - maybe she'll inspire you to start your own business too! 
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Montage Travel
To contact Cassie about planning your bucket list European trip, go to https://www.montagetravel.com/.
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If you know a destination locale like the back of your hand and want to learn how to turn your knowledge into money, or you have an established travel planning business and want to learn how to grow it to earn over six figures, this podcast is for you. Madeline Jhawar, founder of one of the most successful custom travel planning services around, Italy Beyond the Obvious, talks with travel business owners and other experts about how they did it. Go to travelbeyondtheobvious.com to find out more and to download free samples from every lesson!


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