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132 - Theatre Kids 🎭

132 - Theatre Kids 🎭

Länge: 51:33
This week Tayla is joined by Lesley and John Barnes from Scituate Middle/High School’s Drama program to talk about doing theatre with young people. They also discuss British vs American versions of shows, rewatching old favorites, and unfinished works. During The Last Chapter they discuss: What is your bookmarking philosophy?
Like what you hear? Rate and review Down Time on Apple Podcasts or your podcast player of choice! If you’d like to submit a topic for The Last Chapter you can send your topic suggestions to downtime@cranstonlibrary.org. Our theme music is Day Trips by Ketsa and our ad music is Happy Ukulele by Scott Holmes. Thanks for listening!
Final Voyage by Peter Nichols
Scurvy by Stephen R. Bown
Teacher, Preacher, Soldier, Spy by Christopher Grasso
Footfall by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle
Browse books by Christopher G. Nuttall
Why Call Them Back From Heaven by Clifford D. Simak, Leo Dillon, & Diane Dillon
Mount Analogue by René Dumal
Castle (2009-2016)
The Crown (2016- )
The CrafsMan (YouTube)
Being Human (2008-2013)
Ghosts (2021- )
Ghosts (2019- )
Rhode Island Drama Festival
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Each week on Down Time with Cranston Public Library, host Tayla Cardillo chats with staff from Cranston Public Library about what they’ve been reading, what they’ve been watching, and what they’ve been loving. You’ll also hear from guests from outside the library community sharing their work and passions. New episodes are released every Tuesday at noon - subscribe so you never miss an episode!


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