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Chapter 6 - India

Chapter 6 - India

Länge: 19:21
Hi Kids! The Eggs are landing in New Delhi, the capital city of India! They will be introduced to Shelly's friend, Rashi, who will be their host during their time in India. They will attend a real Indian wedding, complete with dancing music and amazing food! They also attend a cricket match (what's cricket, you say?) and visit a tiger reserve - take a listen! So much to learn!
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Erscheinungs­datum: 6.2.2023, 13:00:02


Hi Kids! Welcome to The Good Eggs podcast! The Good Eggs is a book series just for you (ages 5-12)! Follow the Eggs as they learn lessons about virtues, diversity, and service. Kindness, understanding, and helping others are important things to learn as you grow into a Good Egg! My name is Sandy Ciaramitaro and I am an author and school teacher (like Ms. Poach!) I know you will love the Eggs - be sure to visit our website, www.thegoodeggs.org, for more! There are word searches, videos, a newsletter, a parent blog, plus you can read all about our foundation, which helps kids in need. Enjoy!


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