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The Modern Witch’s Guide to Tapping/EFT

The Modern Witch’s Guide to Tapping/EFT

Länge: 26:59
In this episode, we discuss the technique of tapping/EFT as an emerging (and highly effective!) witch’s healing/creation/wellness tool. We discuss how to tap/why it works, how to use it in conjunction with other tools and, most importantly, why it’s worth adding to your existing toolkit. Subscribe to my new and full moon newsletter: https://alimurray.substack.com/subscribe?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email&utm_content=postcta and email me at: thesmartwitchpodcast@gmail.com
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Hello and welcome to the Smart Witch Podcast! Here, we muse on everything from crystal tips, tarot insights, practical magick and astrology to navigating life, love, self-care and relationships in an intentional, empowered and magickally-inspired way. The goal of this podcast is to inspire and empower you to integrate magick, witchcraft, and/or intention into your everyday life in a way that is fun, practical, modern, individualized, sustainable and, above all else, informed.


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