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Hitting the Target (South California)

Hitting the Target (South California)

Länge: 32:37
Our first turns of the pedals, camping on a shooting range, big storms and impassable cliffs.
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Erscheinungs­datum: 16.3.2020, 01:00:00


We are Rob & Ruth, a cranky couple of high rollers taking on the journey of our lives, a cycle tour. This is an podcast of our travels across North America, following the adventure we take on a couple of old push bikes as we try and drink our way through 1000 cups of tea and many more miles of dirt track, gravel and road. Ruth will be jibbering away in Spanish and Rob will be jabbering away in English, but fear not as we'll do our best to hold your hand over this language barrier and take you along for the ride. You can find more ways to follow the trip at 1000-cupsoftea.com. So buckle up and enjoy the road as much as we do!


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