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108. Best of Underrated King 2022

108. Best of Underrated King 2022

Länge: 57:52
2022, Thank You for 27 Episodes!
Happy New Year, Stephen King Fans!
Let's Give Away 10 Awards to Celebrate the Best of Underrated King 2022:
1. Best Hero
2. Best Leading Lady
3. Best Sidekick
4. Best/Worst Villain
5. The Character/Story that Left Me Wanting More
6. Best Fight Scene/Action Sequence
7. Best Romance
8. Best Stephen King Miniseries of 2022
9. Best Stephen King Short Story of 2022
10. Best Stephen King Novel of 2022
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End Credits: Keys of Moon (SoundCloud)
Kim C. will be back in January 2023 with Four Past Midnight!
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This podcast analyzes Stephen King’s lesser-known novels and short stories in depth and explores why Stephen King is the greatest fiction writer alive!
Applying what I teach my Fiction students, in this podcast we will examine: Strong Writing, Storytelling Principles, Genre, Literary Analysis and Stephen King Universe Nerdery!
Old and New King Readers, gather near!
Twitter: @UnderratedSKPod
Instagram: @underrated_sk_podcast


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