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Casually Casual Cast #18: A World of Warcraft Podcast that covers Warcraft Retail & WOW Classic !

Casually Casual Cast #18: A World of Warcraft Podcast that covers Warcraft Retail & WOW Classic !

Länge: 2:12:19
Welcome to Casually Casual Cast!
I am your host , Harainna Swift!
This is the Warcraft Podcast for those who are Hardcore about NOT BEING hardcore!
In Each Episode I cover Warcraft Retail and WOW Classic news in and out of Azeroth, I cruise the Forums and share community feedback! I share some adventures in Azeroth and I finish by taking a trip through Tradechat!
Todays Date is: 2 17 2022
Episode: 18
You can have your thoughts , tips,  opinions, stories and adventures  shared on the show too!
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A World of Warcraft Podcast for those who are hardcore about NOT BEING hardcore! Hosted by @Harainna !
Email the show at: CasuallyCasualCast@Gmail.com
Follow the Show Network on twitter: @CozyPodcastNetwork
Follow the Podcast on twitter: @WarcraftCasual
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Find the shownotes and past episodes, and how to join me in game at https://casuallycasualpodcast.wordpress.com/
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